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“Interpretations of a Groove”

2012_CD_recreate_300_dpiCharWalt Records is pleased to announce the release of Chuck Rainey’s Interpretations of a Groove. His fifth solo record, Interpretations of a Groove offers a collection of songs that, as Chris Jisi puts it, “draws from his Rust Belt roots, his legendary studio span on both coasts, and his longtime Texas home base.” Groove-infused originals like “Think About It” and the title track “Interpretation of a Groove,” along with innovative covers of hits like “She’s A Brick House” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” demonstrate that Chuck is far from done speaking through the instrument he helped pioneer.

Interpretations of a Groove almost didn’t make it out of the studio. In November 2011, with the tracking of the album completed but still in need of final mixing and mastering, Chuck suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed the left half of his body and left him unable to speak. Determined to beat the odds, he devoted himself to therapy and by January had regained the ability to speak as well as some mobility. In October 2012, Tommy Sims and Rod Taylor invited Chuck to Nashville TN for the final mixing and mastering of the album at James Waddell’s studio, Lyricanvas, enabling the album to be completed.