A Word from Chuck...

Chuck“My professional career as a musician has been through and overcame the trials and tribulations attributed to playing an instrument that has finally come into its own and has become a normal and accepted voice in the evolution of today’s music scene.

Since 1959, the sound and power of the electric bass and those who play it has been the support voice and backbone in the success of today’s commercial music.

The bass player in recorded and live music is like the supporting actor of a successful film that gives and projects the glamour and fame in spotlighting the lead actor to the public, or in another scenario, the pitch calling of the catcher on a baseball team that wins the game, but the pitcher is given the credit.

I am always amazed when I see and hear artists who are receiving an award for a recording performance or interviewed for their success, thank everyone but the musicians for their success – especially the bass player and the music arranger.

The bass line/part is the one element in music that causes the listener to feel and hear the lyric, dance and above all enables the lead instrument to function.”

- Chuck 


The Legendary Bassist

Chuck's bass playing on successful television shows, motion pictures and recordings illustrate his well-known and legendary style, feel and concept for the instrument and it's role in organized music. His unique bass lines accent numerous commercials and are an integral part of today's music across many music viewing and listening fronts.